Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye to Bush - 1/23/09

Ariana called him "delusional". Chris Mathews called him a tabula rasa. I call him the beady-eyed son of privilege who championed class-war with tax cuts for the wealthy while New Orleans drowned, while Iraq burned, while Afghanistan festered, while government fulfilled Reagan's prophecy and became the enemy, while religious superstition and scientific falsification ran wild, and yes, while the Twin Towers came down in New York due to his negligence, ignorance and his C-student unwillingness to read Bin Laden poised to strike in US. He was the American political legacy who gave inbred European aristocracy and further removed and further inbred ancient Egyptian nobility a bad name. He was the college cheerleader who was never good enough to play in the game who took his Dad's bat and balls and simply made the game up from his gut - spilling the guts of countless thousands on the way. He was the lifelong failure who showed us all what a big man he was. He was the least introspective man of his time. He was the least curious man of his time. He actually said last night - "You may not agree with some tough decisions I have made. But I hope you can agree that I was willing to make tough decisions." It was your job, asshole. You want praise for doing your job?! You entered the scene without a hint of class or grace. You leave having learned nothing, without a clue as to the lives led by most people on the planet, wallowing in self-pity and still not a hint, a glimmer, of class or grace. Go back to Texas, the hate-crime capitol of the United States. Fitting. Clear more brush, don't clear brush. But go. And go fuck yourself while you're going. And take the smirk off your face, finally, once and for all. You always were the joke. Go take a long look in a mirror at that smirk. It's held in place, frozen in time, a President Sardonicus for the ages. And while you're smirking, go fuck yourself one more time. Think of it as one more tough decision.


suZLew said...

Thanks for that moving and rousing goobye to what I like to call The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Can't even imagine what it's like to be inside that guy's head. But I bet the acoustics are GREAT.

Rainer Doost said...

This could pass as a love letter of sorts!