Thursday, February 5, 2009


President Obama has written an Op-Ed piece in today’s Washington Post where he states his case for the stimulus package. He went on TV today, speaking at the Department of Energy, where he again stated his case for the importance of the stimulus package. What he’s NOT DOING is saying, clearly and simply, just who are these enemies of the stimulus, these folks who would rather see the country fail and fall further into a massive depression. HE IS NOT SAYING THAT THEY ARE REPUBLICANS. He is using the euphemisms of politics as usual, or
lack of bipartisanship, or far too much partisanship. Millions of us didn’t vote for you, didn’t vote for change, to hear platitudes and euphemisms. This is clearly war, a war declared by the Republicans in the Senate and the House led by their Viagra-crazed fatboy, Rush Limbaugh, on the middle and lower classes and the working class and the working poor and the poor and the underemployed. And if you’re going to fight a war one of the first things you must know before going into battle is this – KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Well, folks, we know the enemy – the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Now we need our President to say it. We need the Senate and House leaders to say it. Over and over again, on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines and on the internet. Everywhere. To borrow a paraphrase from Walt Kelly’s Pogo, We have met the enemy and he is not us. HE IS A REPUBLICAN.

Ashley Judd is my new hero. She did a spot for the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund where she goes after Sarah Palin for continuing her evil practice up in Alaska of the aerial killing of wolves. Coldblooded humans shoot wolves from low-flying planes in winter – when the wolves have no cover and no place to hide. Palin, the ghoulish gov, has also asked for a hundred and fifty dollar bounty to be paid for every severed foreleg of a murdered wolf. It’s not enough to shoot them from above; now they’ve got to be butchered in death. Palin’s defense was the typical response of the life-hater – we don’t live in Alaska so we don’t know how wolves decimate healthy populations of moose and caribou. Well, if you go to any page on wolves in a reference book or on Wikipedia you’ll find this out – wolves don’t decimate populations of anything. They’re part of the natural order of things and they only eat what they need. Furthermore, they typically feed on the weak and the aged. The symbiotic relationship that wolves have with their prey is long documented – by science, something that Palin, who doesn’t believe in evolution, would not and could not believe. Wolves, as predators, are actually helping to create a better population of moose and caribou by culling the herd of those that should no longer be in the gene pool. Hmmm? Now where is that gene pool that could really use to be drained? Ashley Judd, my hero.

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