Saturday, February 28, 2009

WHY DOES A PERSON BECOME A REPUBLICAN?, Nate Silver's terrific site, has a great post up by Sean Quinn called WHY DOES A PERSON BECOME A REPUBLICAN? The comments are thought-provoking. Here's mine"

David Castro said...
Why Does a Person Become a Republican?

Fear of The Other
which leads to
Hatred of the Other
which blends perfectly with
Your Own Feeling of Superiority
which justifies in your mind
Your Racism and Sexism and all other isms
which you will deny to your dying day since
You Live in a Constant State of Denial
You Have Never Spent an Introspective Moment
Truthfully, Painfully Examining Your Life
You Believe in Your Own Innate Superiority
The Others are not like you
You Are Better

February 28, 2009 8:44 AM

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Rana Marie said...

Couldn't be more true, yet most would disagree...
I'm sure it doesn't fit for EVERY ONE of the rep. party...
Perhaps it's peer pressure?