Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/14/08 - After Lunch Edition

Tim Mahoney, the Florida Congressman who succeeded Mark Foley after he resigned because of a sex scandal, is now involved in a sex scandal of his own. Foley, of course, sent pages of emails to male House pages. Got that? Pages of emails to male House pages. Foley was found guilty by the Court of It Sounds Like an Old Danny Kaye Song.

It seems Congressman Mahoney paid off a former mistress to the tune of $121,000.
And that was before the economic meltdown. But it did coincide with his own.

Paul Krugman, Princeton professor and New York Times columnist, won this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics, for his work in “analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity.” Let’s see – I go to a store (a location of economic activity) and
I give them money and get something in return (analysis of trade pattern). As my grandmother would say, “For this he got a Nobel Prize?”

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