Friday, October 3, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/3/08 - Evening Edition - V.P. Debate Wrap-Up

So the pundits are saying that Sarah Palin didn’t show any human emotion after Joe Biden’s heartfelt story about losing his wife and daughter and almost losing his sons. I was more concerned with her lack of humanity when she never once stopped to move the hair from her bangs that was poking he in the eye all night. A real human being would’ve simply moved it away. But not Sarah. I half expected to see her slice open her eyeball to reveal a glowing red light and lots of circuitry like Arnold as the Terminator.

So Palin would like to see increased powers for the next Vice President? How much you want to bet that she’ll believe it if she’s told the next V.P. will have X-ray vision?

Today in Pakistan a US drone missile killed twelve suspected terrorists. And at last night’s debate, Sarah Palin’s droning talking-point answers killed another 37.

Sarah Palin was upset she didn’t use one of her zingers last night – she was hoping to be asked her views on evolution and she was going to answer,”Yes, I am a creationist. A job creationist!” When told that under 8 years of Republican rule millions of jobs have been lost she smiled and said, “That’s just history talk.”

If George Santayana were alive today he’d say “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to be Sarah Palin.”

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