Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/15/08 - After Lunch Edition

The polls say that McCain is hurting his chances by only using attacks. All Obama has to do tonight to win the debate and blow McCain away – utter the two magic words – “Duck season.” McCain will come back with “Rabbit season” and on into the night and the debate and the election are lost!!!

McCain says that he’s the more experienced, he’ll have “the steady hand on the tiller.” Don’t think I want this bozo steering the ship of state? This is the Navy flier who crashed two planes before he even got to VietNam.

And what’s with McCain’s “steady hand on the tiller” crap? We’ve seen our retirement income disappear and Wall Street collapse after 8 years of Republicans. Republicans never mean a “steady hand on the tiller”, they mean a “steady hand IN the till!”

The McCain campaign is now paying for robocalls to folks in North Carolina, Missouri, Colorado and Wisconsin slamming Obama’s patriotism and saying that he puts Hollywood above America. When I hear the word “robocall” the first thing I think
of is Robocop which was a pretty damn good Hollywood movie. And the bad guys in Robocop were big-shot businessmen.
Kind of like today. Hey, Hollywood’s not so bad. I’m voting for Obama.

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