Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/7/08 - Lunchtime Edition

Sarah Palin is quite the pitbull. From prison, Michael Vick said if he had a bitch like Sarah, he never would’ve lost a dogfight.

Today, McCain-Palin rallies are turning increasingly ugly with crowds lashing out at the media and Obama. Tonight they plan to add Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals to their list.
And tomorrow… tomorrow, the world.

The McCain-Palin campaign is so covered in slime you’d think they just won a Kid’s Choice Award on Nickelodeon.

After seeing Sarah Palin get dirtier and sleazier with each day, Joe Biden, realizing he shook hands with her at their debate, voluntarily started getting rabies shots.

Joe Biden voluntarily started a series of painful rabies shots today after realizing he shook hands with Sarah Palin at their debate last week. “I knew she was a pitbull”, he said.
“I just didn’t know she was rabid.”

The Republican Party, upset at charges that they are trying every trick in the book to suppress the vote, have hired a watchdog group to oversee the polls in all 50 states.
The watchdog group is staffed completely by ex-Chinese milk inspectors.

Possibly my favorite headline ever – “Duchovny leaves rehab for sex addiction.”
Hey, if I ever leave rehab, you can be damn sure I’m headed straight for sex addiction.

It’s not just the collapse of global markets and imminent worldwide depression.
As if you needed more proof that the 1930s are back in a big way this headline in the Times – Germany seeks wider role for Army. And you know by wider they mean Poland, France,

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