Friday, October 17, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/16/08 - Afternoon Edition

Super investor Warren Buffet today said “Buy American stocks. I am.”
Warren Buffet has 35 billion dollars. Americans who aren’t Warren Buffet
said “We’d love to but we’re too busy trying to buy American food,
American clothing and American shelter.”

The Supreme Court ruled today and stopped a GOP effort to suppress the
vote in Ohio. Don’t get too happy. In the spirit of fairness the Court also
ruled that the GOP COULD suppress the vote in the other 49 states.

Headlines everywhere are blaring that Sarah Palin’s staff are keeping her away
from the news so she won’t get depressed. Which proves that this latest version
of the Terminator T-1000 DOES have human emotions.

So Sarah Palin’s staff is keeping her away from the news so she won’t get
depressed. Funny, every time I read about her or see her in the news I get
depressed. And she’s been a public figure for all off 6 weeks now. Have you
seen how depressed the stock market has gotten in that time???

John McCain, down in all the polls, is looking into what he calls “a narrow
victory scenario.” Basically it means that after Obama is inaugurated,
McCain would become King of Arizona and Alaska.

I’m sorry but doesn’t Joe the Plumber look like he should be fighting Rick Flair
and Ivan Koloff in a cage match? Loser leaves town.

How many of you are aware that Oliver Stone’s movie about Bush, W., is the prequel
to Spike Lee’s movie X, about Malcolm X? As Malcolm himself would’ve said,
“George Bush destroyed this country… by any means necessary.”

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