Monday, October 27, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/27/08 - Evening Edition

In Hollywood, the movie Max Payne finished second in the box office numbers last week. And in politics, Max Payne, otherwise known as John McCain, is doing his best
to finish second as well.

Leaks from the McCain campaign are calling Sarah Palin names like Diva and Rogue. Just what I’m looking for in a Vice President – someone who’s a little bit J-Lo and a little bit uncanny X-Men.

With 8 days to go McCain is falling further behind. He needs Joe the Plumber now more than ever cause his chances to the White House are in the toilet.

Over the weekend US forces attacked militants in Pakistan and Syria, two countries we are not at war with. Until now.

The McCain campaign is calling Obama things like socialist, communist, Marxist.
No wonder McCain likes that Arizona desert heat. He’s still fighting the Cold War.

McCain calls Obama, Pelosi and Reid a dangerous threesome. Hey, a dangerous threesome is won the NBA title for the Celtics last year.

Famed mystery novelist Tony Hillerman died today in New Mexico.
Foul play is suspected but Navaho police officers Joe Leaphorn and Jim
Chee are already on the case.

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