Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything Matters - 10/14/08 - Late Lunch Edition

The McCains are perfect for each other – when it comes to Ayers, she puts them on and he talks of nothing but.

McCain today compared Barack Obama to Herbert Hoover, the Republican President at the start of the Great Depression, forgetting that George Bush is the Republican President at the start of this Depression. Other things McCain forgot today – any numbers after seven, what pizza tastes like, and the name of “that guy with the hair” on Seinfeld.

Have any scientists noticed that global warming is affecting all the Earth’s polar ice except the massive frigid glacier that is Cindy McCain?

You do know that John McCain, famous for his temper, recently called his wife Cindy the C-word? Yes, if Hemingway were alive he’d be rewriting The Old Man and the C? The story’s the same – an old man in search of younger tail.

Nice to see all the make-up that Cindy McCain puts on her face each day. Did you know the colors of her make-up can change when she senses danger?

Today John McCain unveiled his long-awaited economic plan. He’s going to have 11 families of celebrities live in whichever of his houses he and Cindy aren’t in at the moment. His plan is called Who Cares: I Married a Hundred Million Dollars!

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