Friday, September 12, 2008

Add to Sarah Palin on Georgia

In the years of recorded history here's what Georgia has given the world -STALIN. The man who killed 40 million of his own people. Georgians, Russians, and Ukrainians mainly. 40 Million!!! And there are still those in Russia who MISS HIM and would have him back tomorrow. (Not gonna happen - he's been dead since 1953.) I know there are women and children there and I know there are far too many millions of innocent Georgians who are leading normal, productive everyday lives. But when your first thought upon hearing the country's name isn't, Yeah, they created the polio vaccine, or Hey, that's where that great composer is from but is instead, Yeah, Georgia, that's where STALIN is from and HE KILLED 40 MILLION OF HIS OWN PEOPLE!!!, it's gonna be hard to get me on board with your BAT-SHIT CRAZY idea of going to war with Russia OVER GEORGIA.

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