Thursday, September 11, 2008

Notes from the Cam-Pain Trail pt. 2

So Mississippi, always 49th or 50th in state rankings for anything resembling aid to education and medical care (Their state motto: Thank God for Alabama - usually interchangeable with MS in those rankings) has come up with an illegal dirty trick on this November's election ballot. Seeing as how the polls are saying they may elect a Democratic Senator, they're putting the names of the two candidates running for the US Senate AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BALLOT, after candidates running for Road Kill Ombudsman, Secretary of Heritage (also known as Keeper of the Sheets), and Commissioner of the Office to Bring Back the Poll Tax, AND THEY'RE NOT GOING TO LIST EITHER CANDIDATE'S PARTY AFFILIATION. Charming. Governor Boss Hogg, I mean, Haley Barbour, we salute you.

If you want the state to stay Red why not just leave the party affiliations on the ballot but next to them add the following:
(D) = Don't
(R) = Redneck (folks like us)

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