Friday, September 12, 2008

Upon Hearing Sarah Palin Speak

Can't sleep. Up at 4 in the morning. Why? Simple. My children will not fight and die to protect the territorial integrity of GEORGIA!!! I don't think any American family should sacrifice their son or daughter on the Republican altar of BAT-SHIT CRAZY!!!
Maybe she's confused. Maybe she thinks Georgia and she sees Atlanta and the Braves on the SuperStation or she hears Ray Charles singing and if that Georgia were invaded or in peril, hell, I'd drive down to lend a hand. That's America. That's our Georgia. But to say that the Georgia that doesn't have teams in the NL or the NFL but is instead the Georgia from the former CCCP or the former USSR and is so vital to US interests that American men and women have to fight and die for her, NO FUCKING WAY! A brief note to Sarah Palin on history: the Russians beat Naploeon. The Russians beat the Nazis. They lost 26 million of their own doing that. 26 MILLION!!! They ate their own dead while they were starving at Stalingrad. And they still beat the Nazis there. I bring up the phrase "mutually assured destruction". The acronym is MAD. That's what war with Russia means. Mutually assured destruction. AND IT IS MAD INDEED. Two other quick historical anomalies: the one war the Russians couldn't win - you guessed it - AFGHANISTAN. You know who else couldn't win in Afghanistan? Alexander the Great. The Afghans are a tough, tough, tough, proud people. They're going to defend their poppies and their rubble and ain't nobody gonna take it from them. But heaven forbid that we learn from history. So let's recap - Sarah Palin, belligerent Republican, advocates war with Russia. The Russians don't lose wars. But, the one they did lose was in Afghanistan. Which is where we happen to find ourselves right now, fighting a war without end and a war that cannot be won. Sarah Palin has been revealed, she has been exposed for what she is - just another mediocrity from the base not the fringe of the Republican party; belligerent, with no grasp of history or current geopolitics; a walking collection of spin, talking points, and medieval attitudes - she is worse than the next four years of the last eight years. SARAH PALIN IS LIPSTICK ON A BUSH. Think Yes, Obama - No, Crazy Mama.

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