Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everything Matters - 9/30/08 - Morning Edition

Everything went down in value today as the stock market went down 777 points.
That Ukrainian freighter hijacked by Somali pirates was said to have 30 million dollars worth of arms and ammunition and the pirates wanted a 20 million dollar ransom.
Today the pirates said they’d settle for a signed photo of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

In Israel, disgraced former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel should pull
out of the West Bank. With the global economy failing, pulling out of any bank
makes perfect sense.

To put the 777 point loss in the stock market yesterday –
- Randy Moss, the wide receiver for the Patriots, has scored 762 points. That’s taken him 11 years.
- Tris Speaker, baseball Hall of Famer, hit 792 doubles. That took him 22 years.
- Gordie Howe scored 801 goals in ice hockey. That took him 34 years.
So in sports, on average, it takes about 22 years to hit or approach the number 777.
The stock market did it in one day. I worry what the next 22 years will look like here.

777 point drop in the stock market. Interesting that on the web, 777.com is “the home of serious gamblers.” Yeah, we know.

Bill Clinton may be going to Florida to campaign for Obama this week but his heart clearly isn’t in the whole Obama thing. He’ll only be speaking in Miami to nursing home patients with Alzheimer’s and he can’t be blamed if they forget to vote.

That’s at least a bit better than his original Florida schedule which only had him speaking in the Everglades to the all-important undecided-alligator vote.

Those Somali pirates who hijacked the Ukrainian ship filled with arms for Kenya now find themselves cornered on all sides by the US Navy. You hear that? The 21st century technologically advanced futuristic US Navy against Somali pirates in loincloths with swords. The pirates are obviously huge underdogs. Betting site 777.com says take the pirates and the points.

NASA announced yesterday that the space shuttle mission to fix the Hubble space telescope will be moved to 2009 after the election. Makes sense. The last thing Bush wants is anybody else out there seeing how bad things are here on Earth.

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suZLew said...

I never knew that the Chicken Little story was actually a political prophecy. The original ditty can be traced to the Heritage Foundation. although in that version, unresponsive Republicans were the heroes.
Chicken Little called from Wall Street. He wants his sky back.