Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's News - Everything Matters Pt. 1

In a speech in Alaska yesterday, professional know-nothing Sarah Palin linked Iraq and the attacks of 9/11, a belief that Bush and his Administration have long since stopped pushing as having any credence. What's worse is that later in the speech she also linked soybeans and the death of the TV western, the teaching of evolution and the rise of West Nile fever in the United States, and America's dependence on foreign oil and the Stanley Cup.

When asked her qualifications on questions of national security Palin's answer is "Energy". It follows that when asked her qualifications on energy policy her answer will be "national security". This isn't just an affront to the American people who deserve better, much better. This is a way of speaking that takes us through Alice in Wonderland, into the backwards-speak of 1984 with a side trip to Porky in Wackyland and a brief rest in Dead Parrot sketch repetitive and cognitive dissonance. Or, to put it another way, for the Republicans, business as usual.

Of course Republicans in their platform don't believe in evolution. They haven't evolved. Look at McSame and Palin. It may as well be one million b.c. They both have a preoccupation to settle arguments with the use of violence; neither one has any facility with language; art and culture are never discussed but rather the killing of moose and tales of captivity and horror; genuine fear of the Others who may come here across the Rio Grande land-bridge; constant unease and fear of attack; and a primitive style of face painting and adornment. It's not McCain and Palin 2008, it's John McCambrian and Sarah Pleistocene, 2008 B.C. They should hold their next rally at the La Brea Tarpits. Among their constituents.

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Undercover Blue said...

The thing liberals never seem to grasp is that for leading conservatives and neocons these electoral contests are not about issues or what is best for the country. They are about seeing which dog can pee highest on the tree. Power is like heroin, and the only thing that keeps what they fear most at bay - and it is not liberals.

One word from Obama would set the neocons and their enablers into crimson-faced spasms of rage: COWARDS. Far more than al Qaida, the thing they fear most, the thing they cannot face in themselves nor abide in others is weakness. Weakness is unpardonable. It is why they take such delight in tactics meant to emasculate their rivals. Find an opportunity to drop the C-bomb and watch their heads explode.