Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Win the Debates in 3 Words

Much has been made of the previous old man the Republicans foisted on the Republic, R. Reagan, the man who didn't mention AIDS for the first 5 years or so of his administration, and how he pretty much won his debates with President Jimmy Carter with the simple phrase "There you go again." Well, while I was working I just had a similar thought - Obama will win the debates but he has to show the undecideds, the independents, anyone on the fence and wobbling the other way that he's more Chicago street fighter than Constitutional Law professor. Here's a simple and effective way to do that. Rather than sit back or stand back and watch his opponent mouth GOP/POW talking points rather than answer questions, all Obama has to do is interrupt (yes, interrupt) and say forcefully and continually, "Answer the question." Was Sarah Palin for the Bridge to Nowhere?" "Answer the question." America wants answers, not talking points and obfuscation. ANSWER THE QUESTION.

And while we're at it, another thought. Stop, as in never again, mention John McCain and "his service to our country." Stop giving him credit. Everybody who gets up and goes to work each day, everybody who raises a family, everybody who DOES THE RIGHT THING DAY IN AND DAY OUT IS SERVING THE COUNTRY. I am so tired of this military crap. Stop feeding that beast.

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