Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything Matters - 9/29/08 - Late Night Edition

So Congressman Roy Blunt, a Republican from Missouri said that the economic bailout bill didn’t pass the House today because they had to rush the bill and its details because of the Jewish Holidays. Roy Blunt, Republican Congressman from Missouri, the Show-Me state…show me anti-Semitism!!!

The John McCain automatic speech writer – first you say the terrible thing that Obama did. And then you say “but America needs our help so we should never lower ourselves to talk about this”. Here’s an example: “Some have said that Obama drinks the blood of middle school virgins. But we should never let his dietary habits intrude upon the seriousness of the Presidential election.” It works for everything – “Obama was seen in a Japanese Zero in the skies above Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. But the events of almost 70 years ago should never enter into the election process.”

Congressman Price from Georgia just said that he’d support a bailout bill if it included a reduction of capital gains taxes. That’s all the republicans want – more financial help for rich, white people. Lower capital gains taxes! Most Americans don’t have capital or gains!!!

ABC news said that with the wall street down almost 800 points today after the bailout failed in Congress, Americans lost 1.1 trillion dollars in the market today. I gotta tell you; if I find 1.1 dollars in the market, I’m fucking keeping it!!!

NASA announced today that it is snowing on Mars. And President Bush said that if the snowstorm on Mars gets any worse, FEMA will be there in about 87 years.

The stock market today finished lower than it was the day Bush was inaugurated.
Remember when he said he was a uniter, not a divider? Actually he’s both; he’s united both parties against him and divided all of us from our money. Actually, he’s not a uniter or a divider… he’s just a dick.

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