Monday, September 8, 2008

Heartsick after reading DailyKos (panic edition)

I am heartsick. When DailyKos has a story (by Kos) with an electoral map and panic edition in parentheticals, i don't know what the "high road" means any more. Seriously. This country, which was hijacked 8 years ago by A GANG, is in more severe trouble than ever. And that gang has no intention whatsoever of giving that country back. Yes, they have their base but they also appeal to the base, baser and basest instincts of all people. Their politics are limbic and visceral and based on hate, greed and intolerance. They will do anything to win. And hold what they have won. Seemingly a majority of American voters would rather have 4 more years, at the least, of this farcical fascism, than elect a young, half-black, mixed race visionary. If this election is lost there will never be another moment such as this. The people and the movement which worked so hard and gave so much will never come back in another four years. They will have been devastated and their hopes dashed and the mourning will last forever. This is the Southern Strategy writ large. Hate the Other, Vote against your own best interests because hate blinds you, all the while being told that Hate equals Love. The Right likes to think they're the true People of the Book. They are. Only their book isn't the Bible, it's 1984.

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