Monday, September 8, 2008

When the Press Died

The American Press, a free and independent Press, our safeguard against tyranny died in August 2005. It had been on life support all through the Reagan Administration and it took another twenty five years for the last gasping breaths to echo down the once proud chambers of Murrow Land. Remember how hungry Woodward and Bernstein were when they broke the Watergate news? Remember how proud you were that they followed every lead for you, for the country? Remember how feral and thirsty and unkempt Bernstein always looked in photographs? The same with Dustin Hoffman in the movie version? (Redford is always the picture of WASP cool.) History. All ancient history. Because in August 2005, ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings died. AND LEFT AN ESTATE VALUED AT MORE THAN 50 MILLION DOLLARS. Of course the mainstream media (MSM) isn't going to dig into the heinous and nefarious acts done in our name. THEY ARE PART OF THE PERMANENT GOVERNMENT. When you've got 50 MILLION DOLLARS you don't report on Ronald Reagan. YOU ARE RONALD REAGAN. AND YOU ARE DICK CHENEY AND DONALD RUMSFELD AND BOTH MEN NAMED GEORGE BUSH. When journalists leave 50 MILLION DOLLAR ESTATES they don't look into abuses of POWER. They are POWER. MSNBC just removed Olbermann and Mathews from their anchor desks at their coverage of the single most important election since 1860. Clearly they were cowed by the powers that be in the McSame campaign. Yes, the Press, the free and independent American Press died, officially, in August 2005, with Peter Jennings. The ultimate irony - Jennings was Canadian.

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