Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything Matters - Pt. 3

How can someone hate women so much? How can someone hate women so much AND BE A WOMAN? When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, the enlightened community up by the Northern Lights, ACTUALLY BILLED SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS AND THEIR INSURANCE COMPANIES FOR THE COST OF RAPE KITS AND FORENSIC EXAMINATIONS!!! Think about how cold and cruel that is. Alaska, which is basically a welfare state living off the largesse of the federal government, billed sexual assault victims for the cost of their rape kits and forensic examinations! Soon we'll also find that while Palin was mayor she also billed shooting victims for bullet retrieval, car accident victims who had to be pried out of their crushed vehicles with the Jaws of Life on a hundred dollars per inch of Jaws used, and even child victims of abuse for each used anatomical sock puppet used to detail their injuries. I don't know about you BUT I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT SARAH PALIN'S CHILDHOOD. AND HER ADOLESCENCE. AND HER COLLEGE YEARS. AND HER YOUNG ADULTHOOD. I want to know about her high school Prom after-party. Everything. What a piece of work.

BTW, Alaska leads the country in forcible rapes per 100,000 population and is eighth in violent crime per 100,000. And Texas, the home of George Bush always leads the nation in hate crimes. Arizona is seventh in murder, second in property crime, third in motor vehicle theft and fourth in larceny theft, all per 100,000 population. No wonder McSame and Sarah Palin-drone and the President they are so quick to emulate are so conservatively law and order. Everyone in their states is out to get them.

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