Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain's Potemkin Village Backdrop

So last night during his snore-a-thon of a run-on sentence, John McCain spoke, not just in front of the green screen that loves his sickly pallor so much, but in front of a picture of Walter Reed Middle School of North Hollywood, California. Now I just moved from North Hollywood so I know Walter Reed. But clearly the same McCain people who didn't do any vetting of the soon-to-be-indicted-in-Troopergate Sarah Palin, mistakenly confused a middle school in Cali with Walter Reed Medical center, WHERE OUR WOUNDED VETERANS ARE GETTING SUBSTANDARD TREATMENT AT THE HANDS OF THE BUSH/MCSAME ADMINISTRATION. Now I understand that one Walter Reed building is the same as any other. In Washington it is so easy to wander into CIA Dry Cleaners or Pentagon Florists and assume you're at the right place. But what makes this even more interesting and sadder is that the middle school in question was used as a backdrop for a Presidential announcement ON THE WEST WING, a TV show. McSame's people, so used to confusing fact with fiction on a verbal and written basis now are confusing them on a fictional vs. reality basis. If only President Bartlett were here, he'd know what to do.
Oh and Palin the Merciful (she's supposed to get even meaner and more shrill as the weeks go on) is now not speaking to the press. She will speak to local (read Wasillian in size) press but not to the national media. Perhaps she's being held against her will while Karl Rove and Joe Lieberman cram her head with "foreign policy" as if they KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. Why that woulld make her a POW running with a POW. Her story now matches McSame's. He wasn't kidding when he called her his "soulmate". Cindy, watch out. Hope the prenup is airtight. There's a new hot mama in town and she's got her sights set on your man. And she's a Barracuda.
BTW, has anyone else noticed that neither Karl Rove nor Lindsey Graham, both of their shining countenance, has ever shaved or even needed to shave? I want my fascistic advisors to have some facial hair and my senatorial sycophants to have some secondary sex characteristics. When Michael Phelps shaves himself smooth its to glide through the water. America wants to know - WHY DON'T KARL ROVE OR LINDSEY GRAHAM HAVE FACIAL HAIR? WHY ARE THEIR FACES AS SMOOTH AAND HAIRLESS AS THOSE OF 8 YEAR OLD ALTAR BOYS??? WHY DO THEIR FACES APPEAR AS SMOOTH AS BABIES ASSES??? Rove can claim Executive Privilege and refuse to answer but I just want to see a glimpse of 5 o'clock shadow one day. Until then, I say Karl Rove and Lindsey Graham are WOMEN. Way to go guys. Consider that glass ceiling broken! Sisterhood is powerful. (Not meant as an insult to women but there are only two genders and neither one probably wants 'em. No, the only insult to women is McSame choosing AN UNQUALIFIED ONE SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE IS ONE!

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