Friday, September 26, 2008

Everything Matters - 9/26/08 - Late Morning Edition

So McCain goes to Washington and sits silently in a meeting with Bush, Obama, and the major players in the bailout scenario. According to all published reports, McCain IS THE REASON there was no deal reached yesterday because he would not reveal what side of the deal he was on. Today McCain said, “Deal, no deal. The minute I see 26 supermodels with suitcases full of money I’ll decide.”

Deal or no deal. Bush says the future of the American economy is at stake here.
Wall Street has collapsed and the middle class is disappearing. And today Bush called
in his secret weapon to stop the bleeding. Tonight in primetime House Republicans, the group that skewed the deal yesterday and remain the last holdouts, will be asked by Howie Mandel, “Deal or no deal?”

The Bush Administration wants to save Wall Street. Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership want to save Main Street. And John McCain and the renegade House Republicans want to save K Street so they can go back to Easy Street.

The renegade House Republicans who blew the bailout deal yesterday are demanding
that capital gains taxes be rescinded for 2 years as part of any deal. Considering that working people have very little capital and certainly no gains, this is clearly a case of putting party before country.

The renegade House Republicans who are insisting on a 2 year moratorium on capital gains taxes before they’ll agree to an economic bailout are clearly putting party before country. With this in mind, I finally figured out why Republicans seemingly always have the edge in the polls when it comes to handling foreign policy. To Republicans, the United States is a foreign country. So everything they do is foreign policy.

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