Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Personal is the Political

My problem, our problem

My problem since the nixon administration is that republicans clearly don't see themselves as americans; they are not part of something bigger - a pluralistic democracy; they see themselves as REPUBLICANS, those who know what's right FOR EVERYBODY and will do everything in their power to shape the world in their image. of course when you see the world in terms of what's right for everybody it also means you see HOW WRONG the other guy is. and there is no dialogue, and there is no bipartisanship, there is only their one true path. that path is theocracy, that path is autocracy, that path is fascism. don't kid yourself - the republicans are going to be contesting every state they lose - caging voters, bullying tactics at polling places with lists of foreclosures, scare tactics aimed at ex-inmates, scare tactics aimed at students living out of state, they’re already calling jewish voters in florida with the question "how would you feel about obama if you knew he was giving large sums of money to the PLO? - ALL THESE ARE ALREADY HAPPENING OR HAVE HAPPENED IN PREVIOUS ELECTIONS. and all those tactics will help them in every state they win! the fact that this race is even close tells me two things - these tactics have worked remarkably well for the rovian side of the aisle, and the fact that there are "undecided" voters at this stage, not just in the election but folks who've lived through the past 8 years tells me that people aren't being truthful when the truth is they will vote against their own self-interests rather than vote for a mixed-race visionary. they will not admit to this in an exit poll. they may not even be sure it's what they are thinking because as we know most people do not examine their lives and have few if any moments of introspection and clarity. i am worried and scared beyond belief. i'll write my jokes and try to grow into the big leagues of comedy which is satire but the truth is this is the single most important election since 1860 when the fate of the union hung in the balance. now it is the fate of democracy itself. my children deserve better. all our children deserve better.

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