Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everything Matters - 9/18/08

everything matters

economics and finance wrap-up :

Monday, lehman brothers, a 158 year old major wall street player, collapses. Merrill lynch was sold to b of a.
Tuesday, the federal reserve provides 85 billion to keep insurance giant AIG (American international group) out of bankruptcy.
Wednesday, Washington mutual puts itself up for sale, and morgan Stanley and Wachovia start merger talks.

And today, Thursday, in light of all that is happening to the American and global economy, john mccain scaled down his previous line that said anyone who makes under 5 million a year is middle class. Now it’s anyone who makes under 5 hundred.

Galileo may have to come back from the dead to disprove this but Wall street firms seem to be falling faster than the stockbrokers jumping out of buildings.

In a press conference yesterday John McCain, unable to answer any question coherently, seemed to reject US ally Spain as a US ally and would not commit as to whether or not he’d invite the Spanish President to the White House. He then smiled his garish, forced smile and said that “none of this Spanish stuff changes the fact that beisbol has been beri beri good to me”.

International news – in South Korea the law allows only the visually impaired to become professional masseurs. And baseball umpires. While those with mental impairments are forced to enter politics.

In baseball, Ichiro Suzuki has over 200 hits for the 8th straight year, beating a 100+ year old record set by Wee Willie Keeler. Wee Willie, the former owner of the record and the lifetime owner of world’s most unfortunate anatomical nickname, was of course played by child star Shirley Temple for most of his career. Who can forget Wee Willie at the Big Top, Wee Willie’s Christmas, and Wee Willie meets Senator Larry Craig in a Minneapolis Men’s Room?

Motown songwriting and producing legend Norman Whitfield passed away at 68. Foul play was not suspected although 4 men in matching powder blue tuxedos were observed leaving the scene.

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