Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything Matters - Pt. 2

McSame says Palin knows more about energy than practically anyone in the United States. And she's always particularly perky and belligerent. Energy, perky above and beyond and belligerent... hmmm, you did know that Wasilla is the Meth capital of Alaska??? Energy, anyone?

We're all making too big a deal about Sarah Palin not knowing the Bush Doctrine. Hell, ask her if she knows the Monroe Doctrine.
Or who Monroe was, for that matter. And not Marilyn!!!

NY Times headline: North Korea's Leader is Seriously Ill, American Officials Say. WELL, DUH?!

Sarah Palin flew back to Alaska for some much needed dental work which she'd put off for a while. First she was for the Bridge to Nowhere, then she was against the Bridge to Nowhere. Ultimately, she decided to just forget about it and stay home. WHILE GETTING PAID.

Republicans want it both ways. A Black woman stays home, she's on welfare, doesn't want to work, is overpopulating the planet. A White woman does that she's the Governor of Alaska.

More to come...

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