Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah's Palin-drone

So she gave the speech that the overwhelmingly white, well-to-do audience in St. Paul was primed to hear and applaud madly to. Long on Rovian attack points, short on anything resembling ideas, thoughts, fixes or anything of interest for a country that has just seen almost 8 years of kakistocracy - government by the least competent. Thank you Greeks for that word. In doing their job for one of the few times during the Bush administration, the press, vetting her where the McCain campaign did not, has found out the following - she was for the Bridge to Nowhere rather than against it as she claims; she ran a 527 for indicted Senator Ted Stevens; she was a member and attended the 1994 convention of the AIP, an Alaskan separatist and secessionist party; her husband was a member of said party; and she now refuses to testify in the Troopergate scandal where she may have had her ex-brother in law fired by using executive pressure. Oh, and she's got a pastor who's out Jeremiahed Jeremiah Wright, but as we all know, Obama can't win that one because Jeremiah Wright will always be wrong simply because he is Black. A white fundamentalist with fringe views and anti-Semitic leanings is still White. And as Trent Lott will tell you, White makes Right. Far Right . Being as she's from Alaska, these revelations are probably the tip of the iceberg. And being as she's a creationist-loving, fundamentalist Christian, more and more Revelations, possibly big enough for a Book of may not be far off. Vegas is giving odds that she will soon be asked to leave the ticket but that means going against the Rove playbook - never admit you are wrong. Remember his feeling that the 2006 Congressional elections would go red? He said there was "math" and "the math", meaning math with a capital (R). No, Sarah Palin is here to stay. Bush was never my President. Let's hope that Sarah Palin is never anybody's Vice-President.

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